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Latest stunning endorphines secreted with:
 · Avernus & Nurettin Colak - Nyx (2 rmxs)
 · DJ Eco - Questionmark (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
 · Ron van den Bos - Gadolinium (RvdB Mix)
Latest deamer shivers provided by:
 · Electric Nova & Six Senses - Cosmic belt (2 rmxs)
 · Andy Blueman - Neverland (Energetic Mix)
· Reconceal - When i find you (+ some remixes)
Latest sweet lovely vocals gave by:
· Chris Turner - Captured fall (Reorder Remix)
· Javah - One by one (Dima Krasnik Remix)
 · Miikka Leinonen pres. Port El - Cruel
Latest/newest nice releases (3+ tracks):
 · Avernus & Nurettin Colak - Nyx (Web Rls)
 · Reconceal & Andy Blueman - The world to come
 · Electric Nova & Six Senses - Cosmic belt (Web Rls)

Page news (2010-9-8-7/Month/Day): Software news (2011-10/Month/Day):
  • 1120: I have to thank *some friend* the trip i started 6 months ago. THX4ALL!!!
  • 915: WlanReaver v0.4 released. Easy to find if you try.
  • 520: I'm taking an infinite trip to discover unexplored land of purest friendship.
           It should be way more difficult to update this page from now on. Regards, Au.
  • 310: Taking part in wlanreaver development... Timofonica gets raped once more.

  • 1130: Moving to Red Faction 2, and probably Half Life...
  • 1101: Having some fun with 2 old shooters: Red Faction and Half-life.
  • 207: I have Ya.Com and Simyo coupons if you're planning to get any of them...
  • 131: First attempt to improve NFOedit (Mid-size OEM font): Total Failure !!!

  • 807: I'm retaking Locate32 translation (check yourself the latest version).
  • 722: And... finally i'm an IT teacher !!! Waiting for my temporal destination...

  • 930: Beginning LAME/EAC section (will it be ever concluded?).
  • 817: Beginning the Recommended software section (will it be ever concluded?).
  • 804: JCMMonitor v2.0+ Release Candidate. At Delphi Section.
  • 726: NFOedit v1.1e (better Binary detection, faster loading, SaveAs bugfix).
           At Delphi Section.
  • 707: MAME section almost finished. Contact form added. Beginning Delphi section.
  • 203: Google Chrome v10.0.648.18 DEV (Free DL) and v9.0.597.84 Stable (Free DL).
  • 202: AnyDVD HD v6.7.5.0. Best CD/DVD/BD decrypter out there (Trial).
  • 202: µTorrent v2.2 build 24402 !!! Best and lightest torrent client abroad. Free DL.
  • 131: Media Player Classic Homecinema v1.5.2827 Best video player !!! Free DL.
  • 125: ESET NOD32 AntiVirus / Smart Security v4.2.17.2 released !!! (Trial).
  • 125: LibreOffice v3.3.0: Newest OpenOffice fork (same UI/same usability). Free DL.
  • 119: Total Uninstall v5.9.2: Superb substitute for Windows's Add & Remove... (Trial).
  • 118: Foxit Reader v4.3.1 build 0118: The F-A-S-T-E-S-T PDF reader. Free DL.
  • 113: ApexDC++ v1.3.9 / DC++ v0.781: Nice sharing protocol (ApexDC++ / DC++).
  • 102: MAME v0.141 released !!! Check out my MAME links into MAME section.

  • 1221: Atomix Virtual DJ v7.0.2 !!! One of the best mixing programs out there (Trial).
  • 1214: Foxit PDF Creator v3.1.0: Light and reliable PDF virtual printer (Trial).
  • 1209: SeaMonkey v2.0.11 released !!! Better than Firefox for my needs. Free DL.
  • 1108: UltimateDefrag 3 build Incl. Boot Time Module !!! (Trial).
  • 920: XnView v1.97.8: Awesome picture viewer/manager/treatment. Free DL.
  • 902: InfraRecorder v0.51: Very nice and lightweight CD/DVD burner. Free DL.
  • 604: Hiren's BootCD v10.5: Masive booting toolset for some people. Info only.
  • 324: LAME v3.98.4 !!! Best mp3 encoder abroad. Win32 compiled binaries DL.
  • 315: WinRAR v3.93 is out !!! Best archive manager for me. Damn 7-Zip !!! Trial.
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UPDATED: I've decided to put my Curriculum Vitae (resume) here, censoring some data to protect mental health to be seriously harmed. It's in spanish only (sorry). You may want me to help you in some way, but i won't if it's out of the limits of my knowledge. Just know those limits and add mathematician capabilities. Nothing more.

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