Message #10 (from Volkan):

I agree about delphi with you.(As a response to your Why is delphi confession). I love delphi 7, since the following releases are heavily bastardized(sorry for the word, but it literally fits here) I am not using it any more though except for emerguency conditions:).
Even though pascal is a questionnable language for overtyping (tons of begins ends no x = bool? value if true: value if false etc.) delphi object pascal had concepts way ahead of "modern" languages like property read write storage specifiers and publishing. I am developing a new language and it has a lot from delphi.
I think delphi was a school. And I graduated from it with a high score.
Yours sincerely,

Answer #10:

You don't have to sorrow about words, i like to use them in English as a way to emphasize my sentences.

Related to your words, i have to say i love Delphi 4-7 and i have to admit i'd love Free Object Pascal/Lazarus if it were a real alternative. I like its modern style, but nothing works as it should. Everything is slow as hell, and buggy as i saw two years ago with a very basic program with dates and calculations with them. And executable sizes are bigger than a full runtime distribution of any language. I'd love if those people get an IDE with a real integrated compiler/debugger, and with a heavily optimized compiler which should selectively embed in EXE only some
needed libraries. I can't understand the need of getting multi-platform binaries. I'd rather focus on getting an optimized compiler for each platform and generating optimized platform-specific binaries. It's only my opinion, just centered around performance (speed, optimizations, specificity, simplicity, low resource usage,...).

In the mean time, i have to stick to my good old Delphi to solve my problems. The only one i trust in. Shame i currently don't have much time to dedicate to my dear Delphi.

I hope you can develop a good language, based in your best personal criteria. Never surrender under commercial interests, but only under personal tastes.

Kind regards, Volkan.

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Answer #8:

I wish you the best for your friday date with the purest source of light in earth. Don't worry about that, it's a state of the art technology. I'll phone you then and you'll tell me how good it was. I'll have to make a homemade eye sharpener with a rusty knife for my ruined blurryvision eyes xD

You have no need to read this shit of page, it's really boring, but you're always welcome here.

A big hug, best regards and best luck in life ;)

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Message #5 (from Troy McClure):

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such messages as "The dotNET Framework can be your friend" or "Yeah, I'm not dead"... xD

I have recently seen about your "Reto a los tendancers informaticos" located at, so as soon I got some free time I took the challenge. Well, let me start by saying that it was extremely easy (:P^Inf). Since it's JavaScript based stuff and the source code is fully readable, I was extremely surprised that you didn't make use of any of the well known one-way (and time costly to attack by brute force) hash functions like MD5 or even CRC32 for this purpose (JavaScript versions of these algorithms are widely available on the net). Your own function is not only easy to invert, but also computationally zero-costly to attack by brute force. So to solve the problem, I have chosen the brute force way because of the simplicity of the function, and because it makes more sense to me as a computer scientist (a mathematician should probably chosen the f-1 solution xD).

So there you go. Here is a simple C code that retrieve the current pass for


Very simple optimizations has been performed over Transformar function to remove useless garbage (:P again), and some extra code was added to measure the time used in calculations. I estimate that every PC from year 2000 or later can get the solution in less than a millisecond. You can try by yourself some executions. I know I should have used QueryPerformanceCounter to get a more precise time measuring, but it's a little complex Win32 API function and I would like to keep the code as simple as possible. In my 4 years old PC, the real calculation time was something about 500 nanosecs, hehe. Here are some statistics about the process:

    - JavaScript source code analisys.................. > ~5/10 min
    - C code writing to perform a brute force attack... > ~5/10 min
    - Jack off to release tensions xDDD................ > ~5/10 min
    - Optimization, debug and code testing ............ > ~5 min
    - Total time ...................................... > ~30 min

And that's all in this topic, I hope this help you to improve the security of your site. :P

Well, after this little flirt with the always good C programming language, I come back to my C# PFC and my latest five subjects. Yes, the fucking PFC xD. I haven't planned to start looking for a project until the next few months, but at the beginning of the current academic year came up to me an offer I can't refuse. Well, in fact I was (in the right moment) who make the offer to a good teacher, and he can't refuse it, hehe. So we can say I'm involved in a project almost designed by me (the programming language was also selected by me :P). It is intended to be some kind of IDE that will allow (mainly students) to write simple lexers and parsers (and even C apps) in Windows (.NET Framework 2.0 or later needed). The IDE will be based on free-for-educational versions of PCLEX and PCYACC by Abraxas Software and Borland C/C++ Compiler. It will include syntax highlighting (a common feature in many source code editors but fucking hard to code), project manager and everything needed to just write a lexer/parser and get it to work within a mouse click. I have to say that I'm happy with it and hope everything goes ok. I would include you into my beta testing program (now empty since I need only high qualified personnel who know how to fuck up pieces of software xD), but I know you want any kind of virtual machine engine away from you and your computer xD.

Good, I think is time to put my fingers in cold water xD, but before, I'm gonna finish with the initial reason of this message, that was to wish you (and TD community) a merry Christmas, happy new year, and bla bla bla, xD... I also hope that your work at "di-whore-cion" xD with VB for Apps goes ok. Your are writing/maintaining a huge crap like VB, but at least you get paid for that, don't you? xD

See you Jay-mias!

PD: Even though I select No to publish this message in your site, feel free to do it. I just selected that because of the included C code that break up your security algorithm. I don't want your web site cracked by Turkish guys or somebody else... xD


Answer #5:

Dear Troy, you always rule !!!

I always thought that my algorithm was a shit, but i had to measure how much of a shit it was xD. I can add several considerations to that code, but it'll always be public since it's contained into a stupid JS file. And... i *don't* use code provided from others different than my shiny fleshy ass, so "Personal Info" section will be ultraweakly protected. Anyway, if one (intelligent IT) person takes about 20-30min to get my CV, that person deserves to read it. So everyone in Turkey is invited to hack my PDF and draw on my face, it will only make me more handsome, cause less is impossible xDDDDD

I thought your message to everyone would begin with an "It fulfills me of proud and satisfaction..." introduction. Very disappointing, you have lost a great opportunity to be nicer than anyone (and much more humouristic it you finish off with a great "Why don't you shut up?"). Anyway, it's always a great new when you write me/us here or wherever you want.

My work is kinda frustrating, i have to take high sized files just to touch a label to make "2008" appear in an 'application' (they call application to an Access MDB plus some forms and code). And if one application is split in several places i have to make changes in every place, i can't make it on one application and distribute it to every place since applications in different places can hold different data, even if it's the same application and should have the same data. We're now using Inquiero to avoid travelling around Segovian geography. That's a 'C-group' work in the Segovian 'di-hooker-cion'. About money... i don't wanna lie to you, it's maybe a too little amount of dirty yens xD: 1567€ transformed into 1420€ after several taxes. In this non-religious interval of time my heavy work was appreciated with an extra pay and so it's worth 1707€ (taxes included). I need more millions of yens !!!

About your project, i know it's contradictory but i've had .NET Framework installed only for a Sudoku game... BUT i'ts needed to get Visual Studio 2005 and above working. I thinks it's stupid that an IDE needs .NET if you're not going to compile in .NET anytime. But Borland weirds their clients in same way, pushing them to install a .NET machine only to compile in Win32PE. So it'll be an honor to beta-test your project (i'll even hack it, changing your application icon for one with Homer Simpson xDDD). But... can you guarantee me that your program works with .NET 3 or .NET 3.5 ??? .NET technology is heavily overrated. Maybe some day hardware factories will manufacture .NET architecture-based CPUs and that CPUs will be the only available to consumers, but until then multiplatform, cross-platform and dragqueen-platform architectures suxxx up to infinite. And now it's the time for Web-based architectures... maybe in 10 years Operative Systems will be Internet Browsers itself ¬¬

Finally, i want to thank you all for these 450 visits (there may be 400 from you and 50 from me xD) and wish you happy new year and millons of blonde-smooth-haired and blue-eyed swedish girls for everybody ;)

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Message #2 (from Hans Sprungfeld):
> Why Delphi?

Uhm, interesting topic, congrats... On the other hand, I would like to notice that maybe you are underestimating the dotNET technology (at least concerning to Win32 programming), even more when it is supported by default in the upcoming Microsoft operating system.

Wait! don't be wrong, I'm also a lover of native compiling instead pseudo-interpreted code, but seen from programmers eyes and compared with others pseudo-interpreted engines like the one used by Java Sun (again referred to win-apps), the dotNET technology, and more precisely the NET Framework SDK is simply amazing.

I agree with you that VB language is a joke, but the NET Framework SDK can be used from a variety of languages, including C++, C# (my favourite one since I already know Java programming), and even from Object Pascal if I'm not wrong.

You seems a faithful Delphi programmer, anyway you should eventually look at a modern and quite comfortable (from the programmer point of view) technology like Microsoft dotNET. Anyway, don't stop to dump your hate over Sun and his crap pseudo-interpreted swing/awt shit, hehe.
Answer #2:

But... i look to the final user's eyes. And... as a final user, i hate installing aditional software to get my applications running. I am always avoiding contact with any kind of virtual machine i know. But... i know, in the end we all will finish with WinVista and .Net 1, .Net 2, .Net 3 and .Net 3.5 installed (or OS-integrated) and sucking our CPU blood. I don't understand the need of having installed 2 o 3 versions of the same software.

I am really sceptic with new programming techniques... i use Delphi 4 (1998) cause its generated executables are smaller than the ones from Delphi 7 (2002), the best Delphi version i know. Then they decided to release Delphi 8 (ASP.NET based uagggg). And with Delphi 2005, they released the "Delphi for Win32 concept", but... i tried Delphi 2005, Turbo Delphi 2006 and Delphi 2007, and i absolutely dislike the new layout of their RAD (Rapid Application Development). And also, i don't know why Borland insist in pushing you to install 2 or 3 .Net Frameworks, .Net SDK, .NET J# and things like those. If you only want "Delphi for Win32", there should be no reason to install about 2 GB of garbage.

Anyway, i respect any kind of programmer, as many of them are making the dirty part of so many works. And nobody thanks them, so we all are underestimated.

Regards, Mr. X. xDDDDDDD

Message #1 (from Jebediah Obadiah Zachariah Jedediah Springfield):
Q: How to use the MS-DOS windowed 8x12 font in a Windows program?

A: The standard DOS-Box font is named Fixedsys. This is a raster (not True Type) font somewhat hidden in NT based systems, mainly present for backward compatibility, since it has been replaced in modern Windows systems by Lucida Console (in most cases) in monospace font needs environments.

You can find useful info about the font itself at:

About using it outside DOS-Boxes, I think it should be possible As you can see in the above wikipage, if it can be showed in a web browser, seems there is no reason why it couldn't be also used in common win-apps. Try focusing your research on this way.

Anyway, there seems this font is also available in TTF (refer again to above wikipage). A quick solution (or not so quick, hehe) could be to embed the TTF version of the font as a resource in your application and use it from there. Some research is also needed in this case, do'h!

Hope this help. Good luck!
Answer #1:

You have to notice that the font used in windowed DOS boxes is a variant (subset, i guess) of Terminal font. All i could find was this info (it's the same in several other resources):

And also, you have to notice that a well-constructed monospaced font useful to draw ASCII arts must have 'table characters'. Those charactes, if you remember old MS-DOS days, allowed us to draw tables of single or double lines with ASCII chars. And... finally, try to draw Alt+205, Alt+206,... chars in MS-DOS with 8x12 font, and the same with Fixedsys. You'll see that Fixedsys doesn't have 'table chars'.

By the way, i have to use Terminal at 6 and 12 point to draw ASCII arts in my NFOedit. And, if you read my tiny help for NFOedit, only one of the subsets of Terminal font is the one i like to draw ASCII art cause it's wider than others.

Anyway, thank you for your attention and your time to write.

It's nice to see people different than me entering here xD

And... suggestions are always welcomed. ;)